President - Andie Geyer - Party Planner

Andie has served the CECA community in tons of ways since 2013! She has served on the PTA/PTO Executive Boards as Treasurer, Historian, and 2nd year President. At CECA she is a classroom volunteer, Substitute Teacher, Committee member, but most importantly at home, she is Mom to a PYP student and an MYP student. With an MA in Archives and Museums, this girl is nerdy about ANYTHING historic and can be found on most days in the dusty stacks of a museum or libraries archives. She owns her own Archives Consulting firm AND is a licensed Real Estate Agent. When you see her, stop for a chat! 

Vice-President - Shauntai Hampton - Caterer

Shauntai joined our CECA family in 2018! This is her second year as a member of the PTO Executive Board and we are so excited to have her on the team. She is married, has 2 kids in CECA, a 1st grader, a 2nd grader and a 1 year old puppy named Harper. Shauntai is a stay at home momma who enjoys camping, boating, swimming and spending time with family.

Secretary - Sarah Gray - Decorator

Sarah is a vital member of our CECA PTO and the school community since 2014! This will be the third year on the PTO Executive Board. She currently works with our MYP students as an Instructional Aide with Mr. Perez, all while juggling being a classroom volunteer, co-advisor for the Theatre Club and secretary for the PTO. She is a proud momma to one MYP and two PYP students here at CECA and having a background in Art and Design, Sarah is our#1 choice for all our designing needs. She is always there to lend a hand!

Treasurer - Nadine Ordaz - The Wallet

Nadine is in her 2nd year with our Executive Board as our amazing Treasurer. She has a 3rd grader at CECA as well as a Senior at REV (who also went to CECA). Nadine is a busy bee! She works two part-time jobs and is retired from the Sherriff's Dept. where she worked their fiscal department for 18 years. She loves to have fun and be helpful to anyone around her. We are so glad to have her on the team this year!

Historian - Andrea Resler - Promoter

This is Andrea's second year as our PTO Historian. With an amazing 1st grader and a thriving Real Estate business, this hard working momma stays busy. Andrea likes to spend time with friends, work hard for her clients, and...She loves the ink! She is known as the "Tattooed Realtor" and we love having her as part of our team!